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John Hamm is a leaded and stained glass artist in southern California. Among his many commissions, he has worked on the restorations of numerous homes by architects Greene & Greene, including the Gamble House, the R. R. Blacker House, and the Thorsen House.

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A Brief History of Leaded Art Glass
When artist John La Farge invented colored opalescent glass and plating, he heralded a new art form of radiant beauty.

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John Hamm was recently featured on Home and Garden Television.

John Hamm, glass artisan, from Southern California

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John Hamm: Artist’s Statement

“My creative heart lives at the dawn of the 20th century, where I find inspiration in the masters of the Arts and Crafts movement: Charles and Henry Greene, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and Charles Renee Mackintosh. Those consummate artists inspired generations, creating exquisite leaded art glass that is revered to this day. In my work, I draw on the foundation of the Arts and Crafts movement to create unique stained glass that pays homage to the past, while fitting comfortably into our modern lives.

The goal of my work is to enrich your home environment with the timeless beauty of leaded art glass. Like the best work of the past century — a Greene and Greene wall sconce, a Tiffany lamp shade, a Frank Lloyd Wright window — I offer exceptional quality with a painstaking attention to detail.

Every commission receives my careful consideration, no matter how complex or how simple. Every work of leaded art glass I produce is crafted specifically to the individual client’s interests, interior design and budget. I pride myself on personally creating unique works of art for my clients.

To each project, I bring enthusiasm, care and love for the art, as well as a deep understanding of glass as an artistic medium. The custom art glass I produce is one-of-a-kind and hand crafted. I hope that its presence in your home will be just as inspiring today as the glass produced a century ago.”