custom leaded glass Hamm Glass Studios: fine leaded and stained glass ~ reproductions and originals hand made stained glass


These selected links will help you explore related areas on the web.

  • John HammEvergreen Studios ~ Craftsman Michael Ashford makes hand-hammered copper lighting
  • Thomas Stangeland ~ this artist/craftsman builds fine hand-made wood furniture
  • Holton Studio Frame-makers ~ reviving the Art and Craft of frame-making
  • The Gamble House ~ Charle’s and Henry Green’s masterpiece of the American Arts & Crafts movement
  • Pasadena Heritage ~ an historic preservation organization that protects and preserves Pasadena's architectural legacy and cultural history
  • CalBungalow ~ Cal Bungalow serves the needs of bungalow sellers and home buyers; and promotes the attributes of this historic architectural style in southern California.

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