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The process that leads to a custom leaded glass window, door, or light by Hamm Glass Studios is intricate and exciting. A finished work comprises many steps: conceptualization, creating working drawings, glass cutting, assembly and installation.

Every project we do is unique. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

In general, flat panels (windows, doorlites, sidelites, skylights, etc.) begin at $250 per square foot.

Lighting prices vary greatly depending on the design form and materials used; please call the studio to discuss your project.

Design fees are based on an hourly figure. On-site consultation fees are charged on a per-day basis.

leaded art glassConsultation: The relationship that develops between artist and client is an exciting and special one. A commission begins with an in-depth personal consultation to explore what your needs and preferences are. I will visit your home and examine the areas where you’d like the glass work. I will note the room’s materials and the quality of light, the style of your home and the particulars of your interior design. My understanding of where the glass work will be sited is invaluable when I create an original design for your project.

Drawings: After assessing the location where the stained glass will be used, I go back to my Whittier, California studio (20 miles east of Los Angeles) to produce concept sketches and, later, presentation drawings. The drawings allow me to explore various design and color possibilities. When I am satisfied with a design, I present the drawing to you, and we discuss any changes you might like to make and incorporate that into a final design. After we’ve settled on a design for your custom art glass, I produce full size working patterns — called “cartoons” — and the fabrication begins.

Selecting Art Glass: In creating your custom leaded art glass, I use only the best premium art glass available today. The quality of these glasses rivals that which was available in the early 1900’s when glass artists were creating windows for Greene and Green homes in California, or Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the mid-west.

Glass Cutting: For every work, I carefully chose each sheet of glass to ensure a pleasing finished project. Glass is a delicate and fragile material, prone to cracking and shattering if not handled with care. I painstakingly hand-cut each piece, deliberately choosing my cuts to enhance the unique properties of the glass. Each piece has its own color, texture, and opacity, and every piece must be considered in relation to the pieces which will surround it. My techniques are like those of a painter; my artistry as a colorist requires considered attention to the subtle qualities of the medium.

Assembly and Soldering: After I have hand-cut all the glass pieces, I assemble the work. My actual assembly techniques vary depending on the needs of the project. I may use the traditional lead came and putty (“came” is the term for the slender grooved lead bar used to hold together the panes in stained glass). Other projects require brass and copper came, while yet others benefit from the free-form organic beauty of copper foil construction. In some cases, I will employ rarer techniques. One of my specialties is “plating,” where two pieces of glass are layered for extraordinary color and depth effects.

To assemble the pieces, I use a soldering iron heated to 900 degrees — hot enough to melt the came, but also hot enough to shatter the glass if held against it too long. I need to work quickly, because the came will only be molten for a few moments, all the while minding the delicacy of the glass. After the soldering is completed, I clean up the assembled piece and then apply a patina to the metal, giving it a rich aged appearance.

Shipping: That completes the work I do in my studio. Now, your hand-made art glass window or light is ready for delivery. If you need help getting the glass in place, I also offer installation services. Any shipping needed is handled by private professional art shippers.